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When you purchased your snowmobile you also bought a ticket to a fight, and—SURPRISE!!!!—-you are a combatant, not a spectator!  You can stand there passively and lose or come out swinging with a chance to win—your choice!

This fight has been going on since someone discovered the pure joy of snowmobiling winter’s backcountry and someone else decided do everything they could to take that away.  Many well funded groups simply don’t want you to have that experience, and left unopposed they will succeed!

It is up to us, those that ride, to defend what we do.  If we don’t, no one else will do it for us.  It’s our battle to win or to lose, but a few cannot do it for all.  You do not have to do everything, but everyone needs to do something!

The Idaho State Snowmobile Association (ISSA) has captured this sentiment in a new program called “SLED WARRIOR”.  Its purpose is twofold, first, to unite and motivate snowmobilers all over the country to get involved in the land issues and second, to raise money for their Snowmobile Defense Fund.  ISSA is currently funding three lawsuits, and another one on caribou is expected to be filed soon. All of which impact riding on every National Forest in the country!  These suits deal with the management of Areas Recommended for Wilderness as if they were already designated as wilderness, the attempt by and environmental organization to force the Forest Service to include snowmobiling in travel management planning across the nation, and the delisting of an endangered species and the new one will defend the Fish and Wildlife’s decision to reduce the critical habitat to a logical and manageable size.

Sled Warrior merchandise, from shirts to window decals, is available online by clicking hereEvery penny raised will go toward protecting snowmobiler’s access to historic riding areas.

Please join with us and protect the sport you love!

(You can click on this graphic, right click and save if you’d like to print this out and hang it up.)


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